diary of brain tumor patients wife

Monday, March 28, 2005

Diary of a Brain Tumor Patient’s Wife

I found this on the internet today while doing research on something totally unrelated. I am posting it on hospice blog, because I think it could be a great resource for friends and family member of hospice patients. There is a wealth of information on what the friends and family of this cancer patient and his wife did to help during some very long and hard days. It is a testament to the human spirit and love. It is long, so you may very well need to bookmark the site and finish reading later.

What you will read are e-mails sent from the patient’s wife to their friends and family over the two years that they were fighting cancer. They were not written with the intent of being published, but after the patient’s death she realized that others may benefit from knowing their story. (I could not agree more.) She has gathered the e-mails on this site. I recommend reading everything from 1999, and there is a lot of great stuff before that also. My heart goes out to this family and the countless families who have been there also. More than anything, I hope and pray for those of you who find this resource because you are in the battle. You are not alone.

(A hospice specific note: This is not a great resource when trying to find out what hospice does. This patient had private insurance (not Medicare) which can really change what hospice can and can not do. Private insurance companies often tie a hospice’s hands. Reading between the lines, it seems to have happened once or twice to this family. Knowing that, I must say that it seems (with the exception of the fact that they relied heavily on agency nurses) that the hospice did a good job.)


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Jenny Jill

I wrote a blog about my parent’s issues fighting cancer; mom had leukoplakia, my father a brain tumour.
This was in cottage country in central Ontario.
However, the more information we can share, the better.


Interesting and informative. I wrote a journal about my son's brain tumor.