financial side of hospice blog

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The financial side of Hospice Blog

I have had a few people recently make comments or ask questions about the money I make from this blog, so I figured I would be transparent about the big bucks associated with hospice blog.

I make this massive amount of cash in two ways. My first jump into the cash cow that is blogging came when I set up an account with to get a referral fee if anyone ever buys one of the books I talk about. To date, that has not happened. If you do buy an item I link to or use the search on the page I get something like 4% of the sale. Which means that for every book you buy I’ll get fifty cents or something like that. I would guess that it has been well over a year since I put that on the site; so far no takers.

My second move into the sweet, buy your own jet type profit of blogging, was joining the google adsense program. (Those ads on the right side of the screen is what I’m talking about here.) This one actually does generate some income. I put the ads on the site in May and in November received $117.66 from Google. I’m currently generating a bit less than $1 a day from the google ads, so we’re looking at $300 a year. I live in the world where $300 isn’t a small amount of cash, but lets get real. Between writing a weekly post, moderating comments, and answering e-mail, I figure I spend a minimum of four hours a week on this blog. I’m sure it is more than that, but, just in case my wife reads this, we’ll call it four hours. Thus, I make $1.44 an hour blogging. That’s well below the old minimum wage. In fact, the difference between the old minimum wage and the recently passed minimum wage is larger than my actual wage.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, don’t do it for the money. The reality is that I wouldn’t make $1.44 an hour now if I hadn’t been doing this for a few years. The growth in readership of this blog has been a steady but very slow trend. I can almost guarantee that I would not have made $25 during year number one.

All of this rambling has nothing to do with anything; just wanted to be transparent with you, the reader, about why I do what I do. It isn’t for the money! I’ll be back to hospice topics again next, but I do intend to keep you up to date on the financial side of the blog. I think that’s only fair.

(FYI, other than my time, there is no cost associated with hospice blog. I did have a sleazeball hit me up for $1,500 for the domain name He had bought it the day before for $10, and thought I would want to pay his price to get it from him. Another five years of Google ads and that thing will be mine (not!). He is the same guy who has held the domain name for a couple of the nations largest hospice companies for ransom also.)


Christian Sinclair, MD

Wow, that is pretty good from Adwords. We over at Pallimed have decided to stay clear of that for a while. Sorry to hear you have not received your nickel from Amazon.


Thanks for your sacrifice, I and my associates within hospice work readily use the resources and information presented.

Laura C

I am new to your blog, but am grateful for the insight into issues like open access. I’m also a preacher, planning to preach on the value of Hospice this Sunday, for the benefit of full blog disclosure. thanks for your sacrifice, and blessings for your work!