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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hospice Articles in the New Your Times

(Thanks to Pallimed for pointing these out to me. If you are not reading their site, then you are missing out on some great information!)

The New York Times published a couple of articles about hospice this weekend.

The first discusses open access which I have talked about some already. It is a good look at the movement although it focuses mainly on insurance companies who are actually paying for this service. My focus is much more on hospices who are eating the cost of expensive treatment, but if the Times can get more funding for this type of care, I’m all for it!

The second is a short article about patients who thrive on hospice and end up being discharged because they are too healthy. My favorite type of patient!

They are good reads and subjects that need some wider attention.

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Christian Sinclair, MD

Thanks for the plug Hospice Guy. We over here at Pallimed, enjoy your blog very much as well.

I agree I like to see patients who can be discharged from hospice, because it reinforces two things:

1) Hospice does not always equal death, especially death within a number of days

2) That by having some people discharged from hospice (nationally I think the numbers are like 10-15%, don’t quote me on that), it shows that we are not being too stingy with the guidelines. It is much like the old surgical axiom. If you don’t cut out some healthy appendices, then you are not doing enough appendectomies.