interesting research numbers

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Interesting Research Numbers

NHPCO has published its latest statistical compilation on hospice care in America. It is the 2007 numbers on hospice care and covers a lot of information. Good stuff to know when looking at the industry as a whole. (I think it’s a free link, but if not, it’s just another reason you may want to consider membership.)

Palmetto GBA, one of the handful of Medicare Intermediaries that work with hospices, has released a PowerPoint presentation that contains Non-Cancer Length of Stay information for the states it covers. This is a trove of information that can help inform the Medicare Hospice Cap discussion. The general feeling is that Non-Cancer Length of Stay is one of the leading culprits in hospices who have cap issues, and Palmetto covers most, if not all, of the states that are best known for their cap issues. I have not had time to do more than a cursory look, but I think we will find some telling trends when these numbers are more closely scrutinized. (One note to help you read the charts: a non-cancer length of stay of .15 means that 15% of admissions stayed on hospice more than 210 days. As you’ll see, it appears that the cap problem states seem to have a handful of hospices that have significantly higher NCLOS than most.)

Hopefully, I’ll remember to get back to these reports later when time has allowed me to look at them a little closer.