oklahoma cap press release

Friday, November 23, 2007

Oklahoma Cap Press Release

Below is a copy of a press release that was sent to me by someone in Oklahoma (whom specifically asked to remain anonymous). It is, if I understand correctly, a press release from the Oklahoma Hospice Association dealing with the news stories about the Medicare Hospice Cap. The person sending it to me included a note that said in part, “felt that you should know that not all hospices in Oklahoma share the philosophy of NAHA“.

It is a strong response and deals with the issues that have bothered me in my last few posts on this subject. (Click on the image to read the press release.)


Christian Sinclair, MD

Thanks for bringing more light to this issue for more open discussion. I hope you will be posting about the NYT article from today.

Keep blogging. Please.


Ok, I’m a hospice nurse, and I do not understand the whole ‘cap’ thing. We are being told by our multi-million dollar company that they will only get $21,000 period per patient. If they are on hospice 6 months or ’20 years’, the company will still only get $21,000 for that one patient. No more, no less. Is that the truth? Sheesh. No wonder everyone is all flummoxed!


I am a hospice nurse in oklahoma the way I understand the cap is that when a patient with medicare requires hospice services when they are admitted as long as they have never had hospice before that hospice that signs them on receives a billable amount of approx. 21,410. That usually covers 6 months of care any care past that time if patient is on service longer every amount bill over the alloted amount will be payed back to medicare by the hospice, so essentially if a patient does live longer than 6 mos. Hospices a personally paying out of their pockets for the care. If a patient w/ medicare has had hospice before and discharged for failure to decline. The next hospice that signs them up does not receive entire cap (21,410) they only receive a percentage based on how many days with the other hospice.
Anonymous in oklahoma