stories of hospice nurse

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stories of a Hospice Nurse

I was recently introduced to a blog written by a full-time hospice on-call nurse, and wanted to point you to one of her stories. I spend most of my time talking about the business of hospice, but we should never forget how hard hospice is. Everyone understands that we work with death and dying everyday, but what many don’t remember is the fact that we work with families who are under great stress. The best of families show some dysfunction during these types of hard times, so just imagine what happens when you put a dysfunctional family under stress.

Check out these two links (1 and 2) to read a rather tame example!



Thank you for your website. This post reminded me of Noah Jay’s plight. He’s a young man from my community with late stage bone cancer and a family which is falling apart.