therapy dogs

Monday, November 22, 2004

Therapy Dogs

When I was working my first hospice job I worked with patients in a nursing home that used pet threapy. I always thought it a funny sight to see someone walking a big dog down the hall at a nursing home, but being a dog person myself I understood its value.

I’d almost forgotten about that experience until NHPCO pointed me to this article about a four legged hospice worker.

My dogs help me relax when this job becomes too much to take. There is something threapudic about a good ol’ lick to the face from my dogs. I hope someone will remember that for me when I can’t remember it for myself someday. Sometimes you need to be loved and sometimes you need to give love. A good dog is great at both.



Pets are important for healing 🙂
I have cats and if not for my little one, when I became ill I don’t know that my recovery would have been endured as well. Little fur balls saved my life as much as doctors.
Great post 🙂

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